By Giving Memorables Experiences

With Octopus Photo Booth you can enjoy the following features:

A Customized Experience

Get a customized interface and LED colors to perfectly blend in with your environment.


Backdrops to Perfectly Match Your Theme

Our backdrops make your photo booth the centerpiece of the event while naturally blending in with your decor.

salsa back1

Instant Photos

Give a personalized keepsake for everyone to take home and cherish for years.


Users get their photo instantly, so they can share it on social networks


Hilarious moments that play forward and backward and forward and backward and — well, you get the idea.


Collect a variety of moments of your guests in videos up to 120 seconds long!

Animated GIFs

We take a few photos and smash them together for a fun way to capture a series of moments.

Guests Get Their Captures Immediately

Guests can instantly get their captures so they can start sharing the fun on social media.

You can also place a personalized message that will be displayed when chosen sending by e-mail and/or SMS

Customized Emails

Add a special message and call-to-action button to your emails when shared.

phones web octo 5

Add a special message and thus generate a Call-To-Action.
Reach your consumer directly and turn him into an ambassador of your brand

Customized Texts

Craft a unique message when the booth sends guests a text message with a link to their capture.

phones web octo 6



Each capture is uploaded immediately in a gallery.

We create a call-to-action button custom directing traffic
to the location you want, the imagination is the limit.

Rectangle 1


Create engagement and connection of guests from anywhere and on any device.

The screenshots of the Virtual Booth will be saved in the same online gallery, and the most important, no need to download no software to run it, they just have to access to a link that you can attach to your invitation.

Frame 7

Label the TED’s PHOTOBOOTH team on vinyl with whatever reason you want!
Thus achieving greater reach, showing offers, quick identification of your brand, and more!

give your event an advertising approach

More Info

We offer a very attractive service, since we not only cause extra fun at the event but we can also work with an advertising and marketing orientation.

The photos are completely customizable, where we would include your logo, texts and graphics that you want.

Thanks to the installation of our photobooth, your company will be able to carry out different commercial actions, for example:

photobooth final 01 2
Frame 6

Customization of TED´S Photobooth with the motifs of your brand.

Frame 6

Your company logo and other sponsors/collaborators (if any) may appear on each photo.

Frame 6

Capturing data from potential customers when using the equipment and entering data (phone number and/or email).

Frame 6

Sending by mail of the photo in digital format thus obtaining customer data, and can also include the information you want.

Frame 6

Example: Get a 15% discount on your next purchase by showing the code 12345 #investments

Frame 6

Carrying out surveys through a survey that contains the information you want to know about your client or potential clients